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Wright Middle School has a goal for all our scholars to graduate with the skills and abilities to be successful in college, career and community. This goal was developed with feedback from more than 2500 students, teachers and community members. You can see these skills above in what we call the MMSD Graduate Vision. Teachers support student development of Graduate Vision skills as part of the Academic and Career Planning process. MMSD is currently implementing Academic and Career Planning (ACP) in grades 6-12 to support all students in being College, Career, and Community Ready.

graduation vision with arrows

Through Academic and Career Planning students are beginning to answer these questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How will I get there?
  • Who are we together?

As part of Academic and Career Planning, students will explore educational and career opportunities, reflect on growth, and develop high school and post-high school plans.

Each scholar will maintain an e-portfolio to hold evidence of their exploration, growth, and next steps. This portfolio is housed within Xello, a post-secondary planning website. Wright will support our scholars to share Xello profiles with you so that you are able to have rich conversations with your scholars about their skills, interests, and future goals. More information to come. At the end of 8th grade, students will complete a Portfolio Presentation by sharing key items from this portfolio to tell their story of growth, readiness, and next steps with an adult.

At Wright, scholars are on their path to being College, Career, and Community Ready!

  • 6th grade: EducationQuest, a college visit to Madison College in which scholars will tour the campus and engage with college scholars and faculty.

    • This event will happen November 12

  • 7th grade: FutureQuest, FutureQuest is not your average career fair, rather a career exposition. It is an opportunity for middle school scholars to interact with professionals from all career clusters.  These companies will not be promoting their “jobs,” but rather be promoting the education and skills needed to be successful in positions available within their company.

    • This event will happen November 21

  • 8th grade: School Makes a DIfference, SMAD, is a one-day roundtable discussion event during which 8th-grade scholars have a chance to talk with adults from a variety of backgrounds and industries about the journey they took to get to their adult lives.

    • This event will happen January 23

  • All grades: Scholar-led Conferences, is a time when scholars take ownership of their learning. Scholars will to discuss their strengths and growth areas. They will share their goals with you and how they plan to reach those goals. This reflective opportunity is extremely powerful for our scholars .

    • We can’t wait to see you on November 18th and 19th!

How do I support my scholar’s College, Career and Community Readiness?

How do I learn more?

Contact our ACP Coordinator Mo Fiene at