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Madison Metropolitan School District

Uniform Code and Policy

At JC Wright Middle School, we believe all of our scholars will be successful and exemplify our school mission and philosophy. In order to be successful, we expect our scholars to arrive at school prepared and focused on learning. In order to do that, JC Wright scholars will be in uniform when they enter the building and equipped with the materials and supplies they will need for the day.

By enrolling your scholar at JC Wright Middle School, you are providing your child an excellent educational opportunity. In addition, you have incurred the responsibility as a parent to ensure that your scholar is appropriately dressed in his/her designated school uniform daily. Should you scholar come to school out of uniform, you understand that you will be responsible for bringing your scholar’s uniform to school immediately upon receiving a phone call.

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Allowable Uniform Items

Permissible uniform items

  • Solid royal blue, black or white polo or button down shirts - short or long sleeve
  • Black or khaki pants or shorts
  • Black or khaki skirts or dresses
  • Black or royal blue cardigan, vest, v-neck sweater or fleece
  • Black or brown belt 
  • Solid black, brown or white shoes (sole color does not have to be the same as the body of the shoe; however, it must be black, white or brown) with a heel that is 2 inches or less
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts no more than 3 inches above knee

Additional uniform information:

  • If a scholar is wearing a sweater or fleece, they will have an appropriate school uniform shirt underneath. 
  • During inclement weather, scholars may wear their winter boots to and from their lockers before and after school only.
  • Wright scholars may wear approved head attire for religious reasons as designated by the principal. 
  • Wright scholars will be allowed to wear special attire in the building during school hours for/under special programming or activities as approved by the principal. 
  • Scholars will be required to have a minimum of 2 pieces, one polo shirt and one sweater or fleece, which have the JC Wright logo.

Gym Uniforms

  • Black or blue shirts, and black or blue shorts or sweatpants can be worn without the JC Wright logo
  • Any solid black or solid white athletic shoe will be permissible in gym
  • Scholars will be given 3-4 minutes to properly change into and out of uniforms
Items that are not allowed

Impermissible uniform items

  • T-shirts, undershirts or sleeveless shirts
  • Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops and spaghetti straps
  • Warm up jackets
  • Denim jeans
  • Leggings
  • Sweat pants
  • Graphic shirts
  • Any hooded attire
  • Flip flops, slides or sandals without a black strap
  • Shoes with a logo that is NOT the same color as the shoe

In an effort to streamline the professional spirit behind the Wright Middle School Dress Code, scholars may not wear the following: 

  • Any hair or face accessories that are deemed to be harmful or are a representative of outside gangs or other inappropriate affiliations
  • Scarves or bandanas
  • Designs in the eyebrows
  • Sunglasses
  • Sagging pants

Please note! We expect our families' full compliance to our uniform policy. Please be prepared to sign an affidavit in support of this policy at the beginning of the school year.