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Madison Metropolitan School District

JC Wright Uniform Policy

At JC Wright Middle School we believe all of our scholars will be successful and exemplify our school mission and philosophy. In order to be prepared and focused on learning, JC Wright scholars will arrive in uniform and equipped with the materials and supplies they will need for the day.

By enrolling your scholar at JC Wright Middle School, you are providing your child an excellent educational opportunity. In addition, you have incurred the responsibility as a parent to ensure that your scholar is appropriately dressed in his/her school uniform daily. Should your scholar come to school out of uniform, you understand that you will be responsible for bringing your scholar's uniform to school immediately upon receiving a phone call. We expect our families' full compliance with our uniform policy. Please be prepared to sign an agreement in support of this policy at the beginning of the school year.

You may purchase uniform materials from anywhere you like with the option of ordering from Land’s End. See ordering information for Lands’ End link below.

Lands' End

Enter the JCW school code 900182478

JCWright logo stiched on a shirt

Uniform requirements:


  • Collared Royal blue or black ( no graphics)    
  • Black, royal blue vest or sweater
  • Black or royal blue fleece


  • Black pants or shorts
  • Black skirts, skorts and dresses(not shorter than 3 inches above knee)


  • Solid black or solid white shoes
  • Shoes must have backs on them.

Your Scholars are NOT allowed to wear the following  items:

  • Hoodies, sloganed, graphic, patterned, sleeveless, non-collared or strappy shirts, t-shirts,
  • Blue jeans, athletic or sweat pants, leggings. No sagging pants will be allowed.
  • Multi-colored, logoed shoes, Crocs or flip flops. No visible logos on shoes.
  • No head scarves around the head.
  • No Backpacks or purses allowed in the classrooms

Additional Uniform Information

  • Outdoor jackets and winter boots worn to and from school, and during recess do not need to follow the uniform policy but must remain in lockers during the rest of the day.
  • A spare uniform must be kept in your locker.
  • Wright Scholars may wear approved head attire as designated by the Principal for religious reasons. Other hair accessories should be free of print/pattern and match the uniform color scheme.

Gym Uniforms

  • Physical education attire can be black or royal blue shirts.  Shorts or sweatpants, without logos, are worn during gym.
  • Scholars will only be allowed to wear physical education uniforms during gym class.
  • Any solid black or solid white athletic shoe will be permissible in gym class.
  • Scholars will be given 3-4 minutes to properly change into and out of uniforms.
  • Designated school staff will supervise scholar dressing rooms.


  • Black Belt
  • Black or white tights may be worn beneath appropriate uniform attire


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