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The new uniform will be mandatory for all scholars and staff. Scholars in uniforms are expected to exemplify the school philosophy and mission.  Scholars must be in complete uniforms when entering the building and at all times during the school day. Scholars that have attire that is inappropriate, distracting, or inconsistent with school policy will visit the Wright Middle School Uniform Resource Room (this room will serve as an area designated to service Wright scholars with uniform needs) to pick up a loaner item(s) for the day.


Permissible uniform items

  • Royal blue, black or white polo or button down shirts - short sleeve or long
  • Black or khaki pants
  • Black or khaki skirts, skorts and dresses
  • Black or royal blue cardigan, vest,  or v-neck sweater
  • Black or royal blue fleece
  • Black or khaki shorts
  • Black or brown  belt  must be worn
  • Solid black,  solid brown or solid white shoes
  • Black, white or brown leggings or tights may be worn with appropriate uniform attire
  • Shoe heels 2 inches or less
  • Skirts, dresses and shorts no more than 3 inches above knee


Impermissible uniform items

  • Sleeveless shirts
  • Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops and spaghetti straps,
  • Warm up jackets
  • Denim
  • Graphic shirts
  • Any shirts other than solid royal blue, black or white
  • Any hooded attire


Optional Wear

  • All Wright Scholars may wear sweaters that are black, white or royal cardigan, v-neck or vest and free of logo expressions
  • Wright Scholar Parents will have the option to purchase all optional attire at the preferred selected vendor, but are not required to.


Additional Uniform Information

  • During inclement weather, Scholars may wear their winter boots to and from their lockers before and after school only
  • Uniform tops may be button down or polo without any name brands or logos other than JC Wright
  • Any Scholar that comes to school out of school uniform will be given a loaner item for the day from the Wright Middle School Uniform Resource Room; this option will be addressed on a case by case basis by the Principal or Designated Staff Personnel
  • Wright Scholars will be allowed to wear special clothing attire in the building during school hours under the approval of the Principal or designated Staff personnel for special programming or activities supervised by teacher or staff members
  • Wright Scholars may wear approved  head attire as designated by the Principal for religious reasons


In an effort to streamline the professional spirit behind the Wright Middle School Dress Code, the following rules will apply:

All scholars may not wear the following:

  • Wright Scholars will not be allowed to wear any  hair or face accessories that are deem to be harmful or representative of outside gangs or other inappropriate  affiliations in the school.
  • Designs in the eyebrows
  • Sunglasses
  • Untucked shirts
  • Sagging pants


  • All parent inquiries will be addressed by Principal or designated staff


Gym Uniforms

  • Scholars will only be allowed to wear physical education uniforms during gym class
  • Physical education attire can be black or blue shirts, shorts or sweatpants can be worn without logos
  • Any solid black or solid white athletic shoe will be permissible in gym
  • Scholars will be given a 3-4 minutes to properly change into and out of uniforms
  • Designated school staff will supervise scholar dressing rooms